Sunday, February 26, 2017

Quilt Con

I got home early evening yesterday from Savannah's QuiltCon for Modern Quilt Guilds that are all over the world.I was in time to greet my sister who will be visiting until next week.  The quilter friends of mine are flying in on Tuesday for eight days.  I got lots of stuff on my platter.

This is the best of show quilt.  It didn't look at all like a brilliant diamond which it was based on, when you look at it as you enter the main hall.  I didn't see the resemblance until I looked at the photo of it.  I can totally see where the quilter was going with it.  It is paper pieced.  There were a lot of quilts I liked better but then I wasn't the judge.

These next quilts were made a certain size and using Robert Kaufman's color of the year.





Click on them individually to see how stunning they are.

I have tons of quilts to show you.    I will leave you with these 61 for today.

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Corky said...

I agree about the BOS looking more like a diamond in the photo than it did in person. All the quilts were wonderful.