Thursday, February 16, 2017

The Building Of A Quilt

This is how I chose the fabric bases for my  new 4 part quilt.

Once I have chosen the layout, I sew the actual pieces together.


I made up a bunch of different circle sizes and made them two tone, not transparencies.  That would have taken up too much time!!!!

This is auditioning the colors placement.


Here is the finished pieces placed where they were made for.  It was fun quilting them but not so fun stretching them.

I placed them on the wall over the new full sized mattress hide a bed.


Robbie said...

WOW! They look great on the wall!!! Nicely done!! But I wouldn't expect less from you!

Gayle from MI said...

I love them! Neat idea with the circles!

Cedar Ridge Studio said...

Love them. Your circles are always great.

pam in sw florida said...

Super nice! They are fun and just right for the couch/ wall

I m with you about stretching them.
I have a handymen who is also an artist and he stretches mine.
He does a much better job than I do