Monday, February 06, 2017

Towel Art On Board

The cruise line had it written somewhere that you were charged daily for missing towels from your room.  Then why, I ask you, do they fill the boat with towel art?

 After the first visit to the stateroom and the next time I returned, there was a ?  dog waiting on the bed.  Maybe it's a elephant, I just don't know, but it is damn cute.


Joanne went to her room to find her sunglasses and a hat waiting on her bed.

A monkey was swinging from a trouser hanger attached to the ceiling.  It remained there for two days and I hit my head on it about ten times.

All around the pool decks were these 'animals'.  Some I couldn't quite make out the species.


Penguin maybe?


Some sort of water fowl?



Elephant, for sure.



I think this is a reclining dachshund ?

They were all adorable!