Wednesday, February 22, 2017

ZZ Plant

I am getting ready to head to Savannah Georgia tomorrow for the QuiltCon, the quilt show for modern quilters. I will only be there for three days, as I am not taking classes and you can only view the same quilts so long. It should be fun; there are lots of my fellow Sarasota Modern Quilt Guild attending too.

My favorite plant is the ZZ plant.  I went to get my herbs and noticed this lovely


plant calling my name.  I brought it home and replanted it to adorn the hot tub.

I particularly liked the new conical growth that was sprouting.

This a new more mature set of leaves that most likely was conical to begin with.

ZZ plants are amazing in that the best thing for you to do to them is leave them alone.  My kinda
house plant!


Maggie (daughter) said...

ZZ plants are the best!

Robbie said...

unique...will have to show my sister!