Monday, March 27, 2017

Having A Little Fun

My daughter asked me if I had any jewelry I no longer had any use for.  Her new thing is to repurpose   stones.  I gave her a diamond tennis bracelet, some semi precious stones, a sapphire bracelet, and other stuff to do with as she saw fit.  Here is what she has come up with so far.

The diamonds are from the tennis bracelet and the emerald came from a ring that was worn out due to the band being very delicate filigree  and there is nothing delicate about me!!!


These three rings were made up with, first, a three band wedding ring that I lost the main diamond out of and the stone in the center was turquoise from another ring or necklace (can't remember).  The second 'v' ring is made up of sapphires and the last one is a mixed compilation or stones.

Maggie is having lots of fun doing these rings and things.  The website for the jeweler she is in cahoots with is

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