Monday, March 13, 2017

I Will Call It Kitchen Sink Pot

I was watching a little Food Network yesterday and came across Nancy Fuller and she was cooking with leftovers. She told a story about her aunt that was a physician and had her office in her house. She was a very busy mom and wife so on Fridays she would make soup for dinner with whatever she had left over in the refrigerator from the week before. I thought it was a fab idea right that minute and so went into the kitchen and got out lots of stuff that needed to be used or tossed.

Those things included the following:

Pulled Pork
Uncooked broccoli
Uncooked carrots
Potato salad
Butter cheese mix
Leftover chicken marsala
Branzino with two shrimp and veg
Bag mixed greens with eight grape tomatoes
Mushrooms already sautéed
Onion uncooked

I started with chicken stock and wine and cut up all that needed cutting before I got out my instant pot and added all the stuff.  I set the pot for soup and went off to sew.


It was a magnificent meal 30 minutes later.  The broth was so good I wanted to drink it; or maybe that was because it had wine in it!

I tried it as a lark because the alternative was to toss the stuff in time for garbage pickup tomorrow but it really was spectacular.  Try it!  You'll like it.


Robbie said...

Waste not...want not....good idea!

Gayle from MI said...

Do this all the time! Bet it was very yummy!