Sunday, March 12, 2017


I was very excited when I was looking out into the yard and there were several Ibis milling around and all of a sudden, a stream of urine came streaming out of one of them.  It is the first time in my memory (which stinks) that I saw a bird pee.

Also, I just recently saw on tv that on a farm with lots of animals to feed, they use a truck that is just for that purpose.  Who knew?

Back to the show:

This is called 'Sculpture and was done by Anya Byam.


It certainly meets the somewhat odd definition of modern by having so much negative space.  It was based on a  drunkards path block as a base but then stretched.  It was machine pieced and machine quilted.


The name of this quilt is very appropriate.  It is called Number 2 - Cinnamon and from afar it looks like cinnamon toast crunch.


Here's a detail as to how it was done.  The quilter is Nancy Goldman.

A variation of a log cabin block was used by Maria Varner to make this quilt, 'Jubilant'.  It was all done on a machine.


'Frozen Pond' was done by Jean Larson and it was made by connecting irregular pinwheels.  It was inspired by a Jacquie Gering class.  I have a couple classes of hers in a couple weeks.

'Bloberella' was done by improv piecing and needle turned appliqué. It was hand appliquéd and machine pieced and quilted by Hillary Goodwin.

One of my very favorites was this one called 'Inside Out' and it was done by Susan Bleiweiss.  It is fused raw edge appliqué and machine appliquéd and quilted.


Susan McKinney did this small piece called 'Dark Geometry'.  It was all done by machine.

This was completed as a design activity for a Jacquie Gering challenge.  It is called 'White Pointer' and was done by Wendy Nuff.

'Flame', was done by Patty Simmons and it was appliquéd  with bias tape and was ghost quilted.

Cassandra Beaver created this ball of fun called 'I Spy'.

It was hand appliquéd and machine quilted.

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Robbie said...

I think this is the best grouping/quilts you have ever shown from a show!! Each is fantastic! Wow!!