Friday, March 31, 2017

Retreat Numero Duo

I have decided not to finish this last piece 'The Reflection' mainly because I just don't like it.  I don't feel good about it at all.  There; I have made a decision.

Today will be the second day of my first retreat.  Yesterday was eventful and I was happy with my progress.  I am up a little early today before I go there so I have a little computer time.  It is raining and I was hoping to do a little fabric printing with my thermofax stencils so I don't know if that is a yeah or a nay.  What just makes me mad that I got home at eight pm and spent the next hour getting ready all the stuff I need to do the printing when I could have had my feet up enjoying Beat Bobby Flay with my best friend, chardonnay.  Well, I guess there is always tomorrow.  Oh, and I tape Bobby Flay!!!!


Cedar Ridge Studio said...

Cut Slice Redo.
Lot of beautiful areas in there.
Do the quilt as you go.
I find if I don't like something
I abandon it also.
Have a fun retreat,

Robbie said...

I like the way MaryAnn thinks! How did you think your humbug bag was made! HA