Sunday, March 19, 2017

Ringing With The Kids

We went to the Ringling Museum and before we even entered it, we happened to notice this sign.


My brilliant daughter picked up on it immediately.  Like she said, 'Who decides that the fine is to be $112.50?'  We asked and literally, it was like we were asking if it is normal for humans to have two feet.  The reply was, ' we don't decide those things'.  Whatever.  I would like to think that someone somewhere had a fantastic sense of humor and subtly showed it off.  I wanna be their friend.

I loved the circus wagons.  I literally thought that the museum would be pretty much all things circus.


These delightful relics where what I loved.  Wanna be shot out of a cannon?

I could see a lion or tiger in this one.

It is sad to think of the Ringling name to fade into the sunset as it closes it's circus festivities this year after 146 years.

There were two hours more of the museum but it was literally an art institute.  The art collection of the Ringling was phenomenal.  I was super surprised of the volume of unbelievable art they acquired in their lifetime.  But, I guess I was looking for more circus stuff.  We all were.

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