Saturday, March 11, 2017

Siddi Quilts

At the Savannah QuiltCon I came across a group of similar quilts and read about them. Siddi Indians of African descent are practically unknown, even within India. These quilts showcase the exquisite work by artists who are members of the Siddi Womens'Quilt Cooperative.

Of all the quilts hanging, this was my favorite.  The quilts contain vibrant colors and beautiful hand stitching.  In fact, I liked it so much, I decided to purchase it.  It was done by Nannima Giannisab and is called 'Kendalgirl'.

Now it is orientated correctly on a wall in my studio.  The little corner red additions are called 'flowers' and they are small folded pieces of fabric.  The quilt is not considered finished, until the 'flowers' are added to the quilt.

Along with the quilt I added a couple ribbons I got at last weeks quilt show.


Robbie said...

Cool quilt! Congrats on the ribbons...

Cedar Ridge Studio said...

Love the bright colors of this quilt. Happy purchase.