Thursday, March 09, 2017

The Rest of The Work

 Here is the remainder of the projects that I photographed.  Some things slipped by me.  There was an apron and purse made by Peggy which I have not photo of.  I did manage to get a couple pictures of a partially made jacket for her grand daughter Fiona, using a sweatshirt as the base.

Peggy did lots of cute paper pieced designs.


Here is one of the sleeves already done.


Anne did this apron; she used my pattern that I made last year.


Linda finished this slash quilt using her blue stash.


Anne made this delightful quilt, completely during her visit.

Anne also made a twin of my slash quilt.  We bought the fabric together at Rainbow's End last year.

Where is JeanAnn's quilts?  Good question.

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