Thursday, April 20, 2017

Sam's Daisy

It all started with this photo by our friend Sam.

and then we had 'Sam's Daisy; All Buttoned Up', done by his wife Kathy.

I did 'The Great Imposter' first.

Karen came up with a great take on hexagons called 'Sam's Flower In Hexavision'.

'Mellow Yellow' followed sometime later by me.

Linda's 'Sam's Broken Bloom' was artfully and  gracefully done.

I couldn't resist doing 'Get In Line' but before that I did

'Andy-Fied' in honor of Andy Warhol.

And just because I can I did this last one that I named 'In Black And White'.

Lynn did this back side of what she thought the daisy would look like on a
beautiful ombre that she named 'The Other Side Of Life'.

Janie, our rookie quilter, did something she was comfortable with and that was
log cabin that she named 'Red Hot Log'.

Then comes Joyce, who is a newbie to quilting too.  She did this buttonhole stitched beauty called 'Daisy Dot'.

Karen went way out of her comfort zone to make this striking piece that she named
'A Daisy Can Dream'.

Lynn's second quilt was called 'Pale Sister' and is trapunto-ed fleece if you can believe that

Lynn's first daisy was called 'Negative Space'.

I showed you all these because last night we got rejected for a 'Special Exhibit'  in IQF but you can see the gals did a grand job trying, wouldn't you say?

I am late and have to dress to get picked up for a luncheon and fashion show.  I am gonna try and not buy too much stuff.  We shall see!!!!


Maggie (daughter) said...

These all look so great. I love all the interpretations.

Claudia said...

I don't think I could pick a favorite. I'd ooohh and aaahh over one and then scroll down and see another. Absolutely all are lovely. I would love any of them.

Robbie said...

They all turned out really quite nice! I think a display of them would be wonderful! Hope you do get them in a library, gallery or somewhere folks can see and appreciate them! Not every group of quilts can get into IQF or AQS but you know that...

pam in sw florida said...

These came out great. I am so impressed with this project. Lovely and interesting

Cedar Ridge Studio said...

I love them all. Great translation from the original. Yes I too hope you get them in a show. Your friends are great quilters.