Sunday, May 07, 2017

9 Hole Guest Day

I, once again, am the chair for the 9 hole guest day that takes place in July so I thought I would at least pick a theme. I was first gonna use the 50 Shades of Green but was notified that 18 hole used that theme in the past. My choices were narrowed down to my friend Nancy from sunny California's suggestions.

They were: Las Vegas, Mardi Gras, Hawaiian, Diamonds and Denim and so from that list came 'Rhinestone Cowgirl'.

When I head north in a couple weeks I will need to get crackin' on the preliminary invites etc. My sister Mike is gonna help me. Oh, and I got these out of my closet so that I wouldn't forget to pack them up to possibly use on my feet or as a prop of some type.


I love my red boots!

1 comment:

Gayle from MI said...

I love your red boots too! They would match my red coat! Safe travels back to the frigid north.