Tuesday, May 02, 2017

A Backup

Just got back from Mahjong. We got kicked out of the restaurant a little early today because they need the space. It's free(except for the food) so we couldn't put up a really big stink. It just makes our afternoon a little longer!

I spent the last couple days with my web master to download a couple years of work I have done since the last time I did it. It's all a bit daunting to me but that's probably why I don't do it by myself. Check it out at tommysquilts.com

Today is my grand gal Charlotte's 4th birthday.  She just told us that the hat and the Barbie is so far her favorite.  Of course, we overnighted her gifts on Thursday and they have not as yet arrived.   I love the post office.

I finally caved and ordered this back contraption that comes with a two pound weight to help with back fatigue and posture.  You are supposed to start doing only a couple hours a day to get used to it.  After awhile you can add another pound weight (came with it) that velcro's on.  I am taking it slow and easy.  It is surprising that such a small amount of weight can make that much difference!

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Robbie said...

Really? That brace is quite interesting! I have a corset w/steel blades in it from my LS surgeries that I wear when doing yard work, loading car to come/go to Florida...this one you have is interesting. I can see where standing all day can cause posture to go downhill (literally!). Look forward to how it helps you!