Monday, May 01, 2017

La List

I have exactly three weeks left in Florida until I head north for the summer. I have a lot on my calendar, socially, and things to do that may be a bit of drudgery but I have to do it none the less. The list of to do's is written and I love to cross things off the list.

At Friday's happy hour we went to a mediterranean restaurant and Patti had this amazing tomato garlic shrimp with crostini.  I decided to try and make it on my own and came up with a good imposter.


I got lots of minced garlic in hot olive oil with the shrimp and a splash of white wine. Shrimp came out after a couple minutes and I threw in a couple diced tomatoes, a splash more of oil and added oregano (dry) and basil (fresh).  This melted down for about 10 minutes and then I threw in the shrimp (cut up) and 6 oz. of feta. S & P to taste. That all melded together to get this photo of the concoction.  It tasted, if not identical,  then just as good.  It also made a very nice dinner.  I added  rice and frozen corn and Gordon had a delightful meal.  I chose to eat it with out the rice.

Also on my list are things that need to be finished up.  I started with this baby sweater


and finally added the ribbon closures.  One down, twenty two to go.


maggie z. said...

always inspiring me tp try something the shrimp toast crostini idea! sweater is are a busy bee!!!

Robbie said...

sweater is adorable!!! So very pretty!