Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Post Memorial Weekend

The holiday weekend just flew by.  I can't even believe how fast four days can come and go!  The weather was not exactly beach weather but the  grand girls would not take no for an answer.

It was way too cold (not even seventy) for the old folks but the young people didn't seem to matter.  There were lots of bodies buried in the course of the weekend.  I don't quite understand the premise of being completely covered in sand (oh, except the head of course.)

Our back yard sand was indeed well used!

And of course, the girls did some sewing, one pretend and one real.


Six year old Violet made this entire bag except for cutting it out and ironing and adding the 'V'.   She even zig zagged the 'V' on herself.  Every stitch that was sewn was done by her.  She still prefers to do decorative stitches, but she was happy to have something accomplished.  My sis Mike made a identical one for Charlotte, and she had a 'C' on hers.

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Robbie said...

How sweet!!! My grand daughter never did have the desire to 'sew'...she never got into any 'craft' or hobby! Oh well....-