Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Thermo Fax Screening

Yesterday I hosted a day of surface design in my garage.  It was close to 90º but I had my dyson oscillating fan on and we managed to get lots of

silk screen fabric painted and hung to dry.  we had 16 feet of table and more paint than we could ever use in a life time.


Bella was not about to stay in the house by herself and just relaxed on a colorful quilt top.

Here is just some of the pieces of printed fabric we made.  I made the screen years ago when I got a thermo fax machine and thought I would share them with my friends and use up some of my fabric pant stash.  It is quite amazing how much use one screen can go through and still very usable!

Of course, the front and side yards looked a little like someone with out all their marbles lived here but we didn't mind.  We had a lunch of chicken caesar salad and gabbed the day away!


Robbie said...

What fun! And perfect drying weather!

Gayle from MI said...

Iml9ve thermal fax screens!

Maggie (daughter) said...

I love this! So fun.