Thursday, May 25, 2017

Up North For The Summer!

First off, Bella's biopsy was negative for anything but fatty stuff, celluloid, which she already had on her hips. We all know about that, eh? The vet called me in the car on the way back north. Good news, that's for sure.

The weather was not kind; not kind at all. It rained most of the way and yesterday it rained non stop for over ten hours. Some of the rain was so bad


 that you could barely see in front of the hood of the car. Then the 70mph was reduced to 30!


It was also responsible for very long back ups at various sections of the trip.  And that long tense ride had done nothing good for my back.  I haven't had this bad a back in a very long time.  It has changed the plans I had today to cook and bake up a storm.  Even going to the grocery is not gonna happen.  I must rest the back.

Check out my lovely mahjong tiles that came north instead of south where I thought I had them sent.  My jokers are fortune cookies!

The tiles are already in the back to Florida basket.  I think they will be a lucky set!

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