Saturday, June 17, 2017

Flora Heaven

Bella and I got up this morning, and before the promised rain could hamper our fun, we headed out to our favorite garden shop.  They like to have dogs visit and Bella is always a popular gal.  She noses into fragrant pots of loveliness.  I needed some potting soil, another rosemary plant, some mint and a couple succulents for the back deck steel planter. While looking around I saw lots of stuff that if I had that kind of a garden or back yard, I would buy them all.

As it is. my taste, at my own homes, tends to be minimalist and more contemporary than some of these whimsical things at the garden shop.


If I didn't mind getting soil under my fingernails, (and I don't care what they say, even with any kind of glove, short of surgical gloves, my nails always get dirty!) I would love the job of pairing a plant with a found object or weird container.  This place has lots of cool stuff.


As you can see, these are all from the succulent section.  It appears that Bella is not pulling on her leash in this area, so I am taking advantage of the situation and taking some cool photos.


I would like to see if a bird can get into this house!!!!

This was the last one I saw before Miss B pulled me away and it is my favorite by far.  The stairway to the little gnome house is just too cute.  It would be at my house now if I had a place for it!!!!

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