Tuesday, June 06, 2017

Building Blocks

I decided to take a flower power break and start in on sewing the blocks I cut last month in Florida. They are for lanai quilts and there are gonna be six when complete.


I figured I would need something simple to work on this coming weekend when the quilters are coming.  There is lots of laughing and gabbing and it's not conducive to real thoughtful work.  So far these are what I have completed;  12 piles containing 20 blocks - 240 completed blocks.

I still have lots to do as you can see from the remainder of the cut out stuff.  The pattern calls for 80  of these blocks but the pattern also has a border and I don't think I want one so I am gonna make them a little bit bigger so they can cover a body when the wind picks up on the lanai.  The pattern is called Beach Cottage.

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