Friday, June 02, 2017

Flower Power Starts

I think I already said that I signed up to head another year of 9 hole guest day. I went through several themes, only to be reminded that the themes were already used, in some variation, in the last ten years. Considering the fact that I can't remember what I did yesterday, it stands to reason that I wouldn't remember a theme from nine years ago. Anyway, the name of this year's guest day is 'Flower Power', partly because it's the 50th anniversary of the peace, love and rock and roll era, and partly because you can do a lot with some tissue paper and your skill making tissue flowers for all sorts of decor.


Here are the invites that the members of the club send to whomever they wish to be their guest.  You can barely tell but the white paper, on top of the the dyed paper, is embossed with flowers.

My sister Mike helped me to make 55 of these invites and she also helped with decorating the basket with which the cards will go


for pick up in the ladies locker room.  Thank the world for glue guns!

We also did the sign up sheet to hang on the bulletin board just above the basket.  I love the peace sign and it also has some 3D flowers on it that are hard to make out in this photo. Job one and two are done for this event.  Now all I have to do is finish the other thirty things!  It's my own fault!!!!!

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Robbie said...

Well, heck....all you do is sit on the couch and eat bon bons...good you have 'another' job!