Thursday, June 15, 2017

How To Put Together Six Identical Quilts

I just got back from leaving the house at ten to eight, dropping off Bella at the groomers, getting gas for the car, going to my skin doc, driving back to the next state, picking up a perscription already ready at my drugstore, and picking up Bella and driving home.  Six hours and eight minutes.  And we wonder where the time goes!

Now that I have all the blocks completed for my six lanai quilts ( 528 necessary and more than 70 over the amount needed), I have started to put them in some sort of order.

On this six foot table, that I use for my quilters and my granddaughters and it now stays in the studio, I have assembled a stack of six blocks measuring eight across and five down.

I finished up the other six rows and then started putting the rows in eleven rows, each row marked, for six quilts, making 11 marked rows containing 88 blocks.

So here are the stacks of rows, row one containing 8 blocks, row two 8 blocks, etc.


I gather all the 11 rows for the first quilt; starting at the eleventh row, I sew them together, then ironing the seams to one side then the next row 10 going the other way.  I only started at the end instead of the beginning because at four I found a block that wasn't going the right direction so made sure all the remaining rows, seven, were spot on.  I didn't bother with the first three because I was aware one of the blocks might have been turned and I decided to take care of that when I got to it, basically because I was running out of room in the studio!

These are the first four rows that I pieced together but the rows still aren't sewn together yet.  That will all be completed in the next couple weeks.  I am running to an appointment in an hour or so to decide what to have for the pre party and the breakfast and luncheon for !! FLOWER POWER!!


Gayle from MI said...

You are so good at paying attention. I would have that so messed up!

Robbie said...

You lost me at "528 necessary and more than 70 over"......too much for me! But they look great!