Saturday, June 03, 2017

Purchasing Power

As is per usual, we did some online ordering last weekend. It seems to be a habit we have acquired when we all get together.


This was the second pair of shoes I have had delivered since Monday. The first pair, Stan Smith Adidas, were too big so they are waiting for a couple weeks to see if they happen to fit my daughter before I return them.  I already have a pair of these in a different color way.  They are Merrell's and are fantastic shoes in great colors.  And...........

they send you candy in the shoebox!  You gotta love a company like that!

We also ordered lots of tissue paper.  Now that I have gotten a start on the making of the flowers, I may have ordered too much.  I ordered five packages

but this is the result of only three fourths of one pack and these flowers are ten inches wide except for the little red one.  I definitely know what I will be doing at tv time for awhile!!!

The carpets are being cleaned today.  I will be hiding in the studio!

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