Monday, June 12, 2017

Random Weekend Photos

We went to local hot dog shack this weekend for an order of fries and a Chicago style Vienna beef hot dog.  That in itself was a bit underwhelming because the dog was cold and the fries needed a couple more minutes in the fryer.  Then, going out to the parking lot to go home, there was a very odd noise when I was pulling out.  After completing the removal of the car from the parking place, low and behold,  this 'thing', which was obviously part of my car, was laying on the car stopper thingy.  It is about fifty inches wide.  Mike hopped out of the car (that hopped word may have been a little over the top) and put it in the trunk.  It now takes up space in the garage.  What is it and why do I need it?  Time will tell.

This stunning quilt top was put together this weekend by JeanAnn.  Since I took the picture, she also added a border made up of two inch squares in two rows, out of the white on white left over fabrics.  She was stay stitching the border as everyone else was packing up to go home.  She got it done but there was no time for a photo shoot.

Here are three out of the five quilters, working diligently on their projects.  I suppose I could have given them another table 

to work on.  Their projects are growing in size and the studio size remains the same.  Mike and I were not in the photo because we were napping.

Peggy completed this much of a baby girl quilt while she was here, except for the last row completed that was just pinned on.  She even cut out all the parts while here.  Not only that, but she made two 

personalized pillow cases.  She's a bit of a show off .

Anne completed thirty blocks of a quilt three of us started last winter.  She is not only a full time working gal, but a hands on grandmother and they packed up their home of over twenty years to move into a new home in the last few months.  The fact that she got anything else finished is a miracle to me!!!!

Oh yeah, Peggy also made six (YES! six!) bags; three out of bra fabric and three out of briefs).  I told you she was a show off!


Robbie said...

Looks like the piece that fits under the front of your car...must have caught on cement barrier or cement stop?? Looks like a productive weekend!!

Sonia said...

I'm reminded of the time my teen age daughter brought home a muffler she had found behind her car in her work parking lot. She threw it in the trunk and brought it home for my husband to look at. Shortly after, she came in the house laughing and saying "Mom, Dad just called me a dumb broad"! It did not belong to her car and heaven only knows where it came from. We have had many laughs over the years with this story.