Thursday, June 08, 2017

What A Cut Up!

I have just returned from my internist and had blood work etc done because I no longer want my yearly checkup, with all the tests involved, in December so I have changed it to June. Way better weather and more time to not be rushed.

 I am getting back to using my new cartridge for my circuit machine


called Groovy Times.  It has made me master the various layers that need to be done to have

a perfect replica.

This was my first finished groovy.  I need about 80 of them

so I did a lot of cutting but haven't put them together yet.

I have also cut out a bunch of peace signs

and yin and yang signs.  Maybe I am over doing it.

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Robbie said...

Funny...I didn't even get my physical last fall/winter because of the same issue. You always have to go and get tests (e.g. mammogram, bone scan, etc.) right before I head to Florida and it's a mine is in May! Works better! Groovy times cut outs are great! And yes, you are probably "over doing it" but it wouldn't be you if you didn't! HA HA