Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Color Me Nuts

Here is a saga of the cookie. I decided to make peace sign cookies for the Flower Power luncheon that is to be held on this Thursday. I was gonna make around 100 because there are 79 women in the event. I was first gonna frost sugar cookies but I did that with the wedding theme last year, frosting as many pastel hearts. I then switched my focus on another cookie and came up with the dye peace signs.

 I ordered the cutter on line and it came right away; a month early.

It looks a bit odd but that is because it has cutouts and has to be held together on the top.
I looked up tie dye cookies and someone did them using store bought sugar cookie dough and neon colored food coloring.

I went on line to order it via Prime, thinking it wasn't something I had ever seen at the grocery store.  I ordered it at the beginning of last week and yesterday I sat down at the computer to track it and the tracking said it would be delivered by 8 p.m. Wednesday (tomorrow).  That was no good because I am making the cookies today.  So I went to the store and low and behold that had the neon so I bought two and came home, checking the mail box before going into the house

only to find that USPS delivered the neon yesterday.  Now I have three!  Anyway, I got to thinking that you need a lot of dye for concentrated colors and not pastels and I was thinking how to compensate for that extra liquid in the dough.  I went on line and realized that I should be using the

Wilton paste color instead.  So I went to Joann's this morning and bought these.  Oh, I must have left the red in the bag.  Gotta go check on that.

And I haven't even made a cookie yet.

Anybody need some food coloring?


Robbie said...

You always amuse us so much...you can never stop your blog!!!

Gayle from MI said...

What she said!