Friday, July 07, 2017

Happy Belated Fourth of July!

I just kinda forgot about the blog!  Maybe, like other stuff in my life, I need to simplify.  It literally did not cross my mind until last night.  It's gotta mean something, but I am not bright enough to figure it out.

We had a house full for the 4th and lots of them stayed through the weekend until after the parade which was and always is on the 4th itself.

Here are my three favorite 'floats' of the parade.  Everything in this parade is golf cart based.

This is the mad hatter.  It was absolutely adorable.

Being very familiar with Alexa, I found this cart particularly current.

It is not so much that they transformed the cart into an ice cream truck, but the fact that they gave out ice cream sandwiches all along the route.  Usually candy is tossed but this year there were icy's and ice cream to change it up a bit.

These two grandgals were definitely enjoying the spectacle.


And this gal decided that the only peace she was gonna get was inside the grill cover.  That didn't last long; the fireworks were front and center this year.

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Robin Walston said...

You might not have missed blogging but I missed reading it. Welcome back.