Friday, July 28, 2017


The bottom line is I am insane. I start to make a couple casseroles to have some food on hand for the kids if they need to take some home. Six days later I have a very large upright freezer filled with more that one hundred casseroles.


 I can't even describe how hideous my stove top was but I planned it for the cleaning crew to clean it up. I sprayed it with a cleaning product that was made just for breaking through the cooked on spilt food and making it easier for someone (other than me) to clean it. When the girls came I explained that I had to run a couple errands and that I would be gone for a while. Twenty minutes later I hear a gal in the kitchen bitching at the mess on the stove top and swearing and complaining that it was all over her shirt and she can't go to another job looking like shit and going on and on. I removed my derrière from the computer chair and went to her and said, "You do realize that I am still here and haven't left yet?" She was mortified as she should have been. It wasn't like it wasn't apparent that there was stuff on the burners or that I tricked her or something. So, I go out for awhile and come back to Bella waiting by the garage door for me to give her a treat. I go to the pantry and get her treat and throw it into the dining room like I always do, and I hear this swearing and bitching from the very same girl, about how she had just vacuumed there. I said, 'Excuse me? THIS IS MY HOUSE!!!!' I told her I do the same thing every day and will continue to do so, whether she is still employed by me or not. Long story short, she had a bad day.


We have had tons of landscaping done this summer.  Yesterday a twenty five foot tree came.

It was no easy feat.  The utilities had to be marked and a six foot by six foot hole had to be dug and six guys on hand to do that and other plantings.  We had a massive tree that was old and becoming dangerous to our property and that of the neighbors, so it was taken out in the spring and it looked so bare that we had to plant tons of other stuff to take the place of that tree and many others that had lasted as long as their life expectancy would allow.   It's always something!

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Gayle from MI said...

Sounds like your cleaning person might need a different career path! Can I come shop from your freezer?