Monday, July 17, 2017

Some Smashing Outfits

The last of my company just left and I thought I would blog, only to open up my download area and realized that I never posted the Saturday blog. So, I shall now show you the comedic couple of Flower Power golfers.


This is at the pre party where Laurel has a 60's style dress on and yes, pleather go go boots.  They were dangerous tho' because she got them caught  coming back into the club and hurt herself a bit.  She's okay.  I nursed her back to health, thanks to a little Tito's.  My dress actually has a peace sign on the front but I didn't turn correctly for you to see it.  That is supposed to be a peace sign I am doing with my less than straight fingers, in case you were wondering.

We decided to go matchy matchy to the actual golfing event.  The head gear came from the dollar store, as did lots of other participants.  I recognized lots of things on ladies outfits that were partially as a result of going to the dollar store.

These two gals, with long flowing red locks and John Lennon glasses are Sue and Regina.  They were the other two of our foursome.   If we could have been in the running of first, second or third place winners we would have been 2nd, we were told by the pro.  As it was, we were not able to win because three out of the four were club members and on guest day, that doesn't count.  Oh well.

We were silly.

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