Sunday, July 23, 2017

Souppy Stuff

I have been keeping very busy.  The main event for a week was making soup and freezing it.  First up is egg drop soup.  It tastes amazing.  My sis and I had it for lunch one day this past week.  You can freeze the broth

and thaw and heat whenever and add an egg, that has been whisked with a fork and then drizzled into the warm soup.  Can't beat it!


Next up is Res Drummond's Bean with Bacon.  I took this picture of the ingredients in the soup so that you can see it.  It is a stand out soup and can also be frozen until needed.  Nothing needs to be added to it.

The last 'soup' which is more like a stew is Copycat's version of the Olive Garden Pasta Fagioli.  It too is damn tasty.  After thawing and heating you just need to add freshly shaved parmesan.  Triple yum.

These three soups were made in very big batches and I always spend half the prep time hunting for the bay leaves before batching up and freezing.  It is a daunting task, especially if the recipe has lots of parts.  So,  I decided to put the ten bay leaves in two cheesecloth pouches,


eliminating the search for the bay leaf.


Can I patent this?

I am starting the yearly cooking to fill up the freezer.  I was just gonna save an entire week to do it but then I thought of all the cleanup I would personally have to do, so now I am going to finish up any cooking in the following weeks on Tuesday, just in time for the cleaning gals to come and do their thing.

Today is pasta cooking so I don't have to clean and put away the pasta pots, only to get them out  for the orzo, lasagna, penne, angel hair, etc.  All will be cooked al dente today and bagged and refrigerated until needed.  It's a good day to do it because it is in the 70º's and all the windows are open.  I had better get cracking'.


Claudia said...

They all look wonderful. I have the bean with bacon recipe, now I'll try it. That egg drop looks great also.

Cedar Ridge Studio said...

Good way to prep for colder weather, I always do the messy cooking the day before my helpers come. I hate to clean.

Robin Walston said...

Will you put these recipes on your cooking blog? They sound wonderful.