Tuesday, July 18, 2017

The Big Shindig

The guy that lives across the street from us had a birthday party this past weekend.  This is Leonardo DiCaprio when he was young and hot with his first girlfriend, a swan.  This was the birthday card on a present my daughter had ready to give to the birthday boy.

Here is the path to the beach that is right next door to me.  There are tiki lights (the pole looking things) and these white balls that are actually led battery operated light globes.  They needed this because the party was at night.

Here is the bar as viewed from my deck.

Here is the dining area all set up (again from my deck)


And here is our gift for supplying a little electricity and space.  These beauties are over 4 feet tall.


They are mostly made up of orchids.  Wow.  They're something alright!


Claudia said...

Loved each picture. Those flowers are beyond stunning!!!!!!! Enjoy those.

Gayle from MI said...

See! It pays to be nice to the neighbors!