Tuesday, August 08, 2017

12 inches

I have been having way too much fun with these 12 inch quilts.


The goal was to do two a day so that I had all that hand work left to do while watching tv at night.  This red one was a copy of a quilt I did for Modern, due in October.  The rules for that challenge is using a specific fabric and no side bigger than 24".  I decided to make it a size that I would like.  I am tired of having tons of quilts that are unusable.

This is made from scraps from a quilt I made last year with some added color, both is bias and thread.

I love flying geese and did a fun riff on them using colors of thread to match the goose!

I spent a good hour looking for the directions for skinny lines that I brought from Florida and after I found the directions I realized I didn't need to be reminded of how to do them.  Who knew?  It's fun to make yourself do something daily for a while; it will probably get old soon so I probably should enjoy the process!!!!!


Robbie said...

These are all such 'happy' quilts!!! Well, at least for me...

Gayle from MI said...

Those are all great!