Sunday, August 06, 2017

Farmer G

Okay, first off, I got this line in an email this morning, apparently about a future visit to my house.  And I am not saying who it is; privacy issues.

  P.S. I’m not eating or drinking anymore….my body has shifted and it ain’t pretty. Ha.

We already have tomato issues from G's farm.  The vines are producing more than I can handle at one time.  Because of that, I have decided to make some tomato soup today.  I will let you know how it turns out.

I always feel bad when the weather is bad in the best weekends of the summer, when the lake is like bathwater but you need to wear sweats to go near it.  I know that people plan their vacations a lot before school restarts and this is prime time to have the best of weather, that just isn't happening.  Maybe I will deliver hot dogs on the beach next weekend to random people.  That should help;

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Claudia said...

What a crazy silly thing for anyone to say. I'm guessing he/she was probably kidding, or maybe this was just one of his/her shifting body days. Or maybe he/she hadn't taken his/her meds yet. He/she must be such a joker. But I'm guessing he/she is a great person and fun to be around. I mean this is what my take away from this post.