Thursday, August 10, 2017

Hanging Around

After waiting 10 days for a two day Amazon Prime purchase of 100 sewing machine needles, I went to Orders in my account and for some reason my credit card didn't go through, even tho' it's the one on file that I always use and the limit is way more than I could purchase in a year.  So I submitted it again and it went through.  I have had a ladder in the middle of the studio since the day the needles were supposed to come.  Finally I can hang some of the 12 inch quilts.  Oh, I use four needles on each quilt so 100 doesn't go very far.  I probably will need to buy another 100 of them, the way I am going!!!

But first, the ladder was killing my thin skinned shins when I leaned on the ladder and a rung cut into my legs.  I first put on a pair of sweats and put multiple towels on the rungs but it still was awkward and I was hot in the sweat pants.  I then decided to wrap the tender part of the leg with towels and tape them on.  It worked like a charm.  Not horribly flattering tho'.

This is the first 14 up on the soffit.  I am still going strong to finish the next 14 to put on the other side of the soffit.  My sister and sister in law and brother are coming tomorrow so I will have to slow down the manufacturing for a few days.  And that's a good thing.  I get a little carried away but then you already know that!


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Robbie said...

I just might have to drag mine out of my book and hang up. Really a great idea...

p.s. Guess What I Got in the Mail today! You're an early bird. Mine will be ready to ship in a week. I want to take them to my fiber meeting next week. THANKS, BFF!!!