Tuesday, August 01, 2017


I got an email from a cyber friend and asked me if my cleaning gal was still employed by me. I had a discussion with my sister this past weekend when she asked me if I canned her. No, absolutely not. The young gal who cleans for me has no tact but she has a hell of a lot more energy than I have and further more, I could see a bit of me in her, just without such a big mouth. She will be here with her teammate tomorrow and by evening the kitchen will be sparkling!

I continued to put facings

on the cut up quilts and got another six finished.  I am going to take part of them (16) to Florida to even out the ones I have in my studio there and I will hang the remaining amount (count is yet to be determined) in the studio here in Indiana.  They light up the space and show me how I evolved.

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Robbie said...

Great observation on your part...kinda funny...figured there was only one 'Tommy' but I can see where parts of your personality could be floating around in other women! Just funny when you run into yourself! Makes for great reading for your blog followers! HA