Friday, August 11, 2017

The Start Of The Weekend

Mike and I are sitting around waiting for our SIL Claudia to show up.  We are having a day (actually two days) out. and taking the dogs to a new day care.

Funny story; Mike was sitting on her leather couch reading on her iPad and there was a fly buzzing around her.  She took her iPad and very lightly hit the arm of the chair and killed the fly, shattering the glass of the iPad to the point that glass was coming out.  She has had a crack for a couple years and she thinks just the littlest hit did it in.  Thankfully she lives close to Best Buy and now has a new one.

I was reading a monthly local magazine and  came upon this article.

It is flower picking like we have blueberry and apples.  We are gonna go and pick flowers on Sunday so my sis's can take them home.

We are leaving now.

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