Thursday, August 03, 2017

This and That

I already have my sunscreen on and have to kill five minutes before I go to the club to play 9 holes of golf so I am trying to have a four day streak of blogging under my belt.

The lake is so loud that it is a wonder that we could sleep through it. I am talking LOUD. If I knew how to do sounds on this blog I would play it for you. It is almost like you can't hear yourself think.

I am still making 12' blocks out of my very dated and not very good quilts.


I, with the help of my sister, have decided to put some of them in the studio here. I was mainly doing it for the studio in Florida but why not share the color to both places?

Gotta go, I just looked at the clock and will need to go in two minutes or I will be late!!!!


Claudia said...

I love a loud lake...especially at night time!!!!!!

Robbie said...

Lake sounds put me to sleep....