Thursday, September 28, 2017

A Baby And A Blister

We got to have a new puppy at our house. Kenzie is a eight week old Havanese that belongs to my friend Karen.


She is positively adorable. She is very quick and likes to hop. I took this picture of her in my studio sitting area with Janie's sandal in the photo so you can see how small she is. She weighs 2 pounds. Bella went ballistic over the moon for the puppy. It was precious and also a pain in the neck. It was like she was chemically enhanced!!!!

I have been dealing with a burn for a week now.  I didn't have a chile relleno on my pinchers firmly enough and the poblano dropped into the oil prematurely and a gigantic amount of very hot oil landed on my right thumb.  This was after most of the blister naturally popped.


You don't realize how often you wash your hands or otherwise get them wet until you have to change dressings 20 times a day!!!  After our walk this morning and before taking Bella to the groomer, I decided (with the help of another physician, Dr. G) to let the thing air out.  I have bumped into it several times with a bellow but now am trying not to use the thumb at all.  It's always something!!!


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Gayle from MI said...

Yowza! I feel your pain. I used to burn my knuckles on the upper coils of the warmer at work and that was never pleasant! Hopefully some air will do it good!

Cedar Ridge Studio said...

Sorry. Ouch!!!!