Saturday, September 23, 2017

Chile Rellenos

Because my new love is authentic mexican cuisine, I decided to have the Stitch and Bitch over yesterday and then serve them chicken chilaquiles, and chile rellenos, one thing that I have never made before.  Here's a little bit about how they are made.

I purchased nine large poblano peppers and slit one side and removed the stem, which holds most of the seeds. They were then put on a foil lined half sheet pan and broiled for about 15 minutes until blackened all around.  Then I put them in a ziplock for 15 minutes.  I removed the skin and put canola oil in a skillet and put medium heat on.

I cut the white mexican melting cheese into sticks to stuff in the peppers.

I took three eggs and separated yolk from whites.  The whites were beat to stiff peaks and the yolks were whisked with a little salt and baking powder in it.

The stiff peaked whites were then folded into the yolk mixture.  The stuffed peppers were rolled closed and rolled in flour, shaking off excess and then battered with the egg mix.


They were quickly fried and turned out a little unattractive but were a big hit, tasting wonderful.  One of my S&B friends is gluten intolerant so I rolled her pepper in a light dusting of corn starch.  It worked out perfectly.


Maggie (daughter) said...

I am into this new obsession!

Robbie said...

Look great! I didn't know they were fried...thought they were baked. Who knew!! Enjoy all your recipes!