Saturday, September 23, 2017

Cleveland Kitchen

After Modern Quilt Guild yesterday, Linda and I picked up Kathy to take her to lunch for her birthday. We went to a new restaurant that opened up this summer. The name is The Cleveland Kitchen and it is based on the specialty foods that come out of Cleveland.

Right when you walk in you see this electric stove/oven combo from the fifties.  The owner said that he and his wife took more than ten hours to clean it!!!


Look at how cute the back wall of the bar was decorated.  It consists of a wooden open frame with a light fixture placed in each opening.  They said they saw it on line and had to do it.


The restaurant was much larger than what the outside portrays.  The entrance has a wall so that you have to come in the restaurant to see what's going on.  The back of that wall reads "Best location in the nation"   Cute.

Food was great; pirogies, great burgers, and unique Cleveland fare.  Nice addition to the neighborhood.

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Robbie said...

Is this in Long Beach? Any damage to your area/town?