Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Dirty Nails

I gotta tell you, I was so young when I got married to G 45 years ago (22) that what I know now would be something that I would like to pass along to everyone.  The problem is that the kids today are getting married older and older and that means that they can't have all the years spent with their father in law like I did to now see the son is a mimic of his father.  Totally.  Not in opinions and things like that but more facial stuff and how they walk and talk as a senior citizen.  In that regard I have married a clone.  This is said with not an iota of malice.  It is merely an observation.  I am pretty sure the same could be said of me.  Nah!!!

I just noticed that I no longer have to download my pictures on my iPhone like I used to. They are just there in my photo section with the date, the time and the location!!! I don't know how long it has been doing this. Wow. Who knew?


Bella went to day care today (to get her used to a once a week visit before we leave her for seven days at Christmas) so I went to the nursery to get something to replace the dead stag horn fern I had in my sleeping pig for several years.

When I took out the fern I saw this, what I thought was a petrified frog, plastered in the interior of the planter, only to come back ten minutes later to see that he had gone.

I decided to go with two Pereromia plants because I love the way the shoots come off them.

I also got my new favorite annual, the beautiful and strong Mexican Heather to plant in my new

matching pots on either side of my front door.  The center pot is going to house the smaller of

these two new Z Z plants, and it will set on the side table
in my lounge area of the master bedroom.  I have to pick
a pot for the bigger Z Z because nothing jumped out at me
today at the nursery.

This dragon structure, covered with moss and vines is over 8 feet tall and a beautiful sight.  I wonder where I could put that?

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