Monday, September 18, 2017


I just realized that in two months we will have moved into this house a year ago. Wow, it is so comfortable that it seems as tho' we were here for several years. I decided to walk around the house and see how all the yard held up to Irma. This house has easy access to the side yards, whereas our last house barely had any side land and to get from front to back yards was a bit of an obstacle course. I have four magnolia trees on this property and the other Florida hoes we have had didn't have any. They are in bloom now, which I must not have been here in time to see it last year.


That, or I was preoccupied. Anyway, they grow these


pineapple shaped buds ( they are about four inches in length)

that then start to shoot out kind of pomegranate shaped and colored seeds.  I will like to see when they all sprout and fill up the center growth.

I have put off the putting away of all the stuff I carted down here from the north.  It is time to make a dent in it.

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