Sunday, September 10, 2017


Wow, that Irma is really something. Our Florida house is officially within the path (so far) of the hurricane. I am very happy to not be down there right now, dealing with all that is going on. I have changed my departure to next weekend, not wanting to get in all that returning traffic.

I have had just enough time to make ramshackle my studio which was pristine and clean, waiting for my December return. I am embarrassed to say that I continue to make 12 inch quilts. When is enough enough? You tell me


I looked out at the lake yesterday and saw this odd grouping of 'stuff' right in my back yard water. Between G and I we decided is some kind of construction barge, pushed by a tug boat, with a crane and excavator and a speed boat, which G thinks is how the worker guys get to and from the barge. Very weird looking contraption.

Back to the Weather Channel!

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Robbie said...

My sister will get fact, as I was texting her a little while ago, their power went out. So no more communication with her except for an occasional "OK"! Scary! Our friends in Ocala are also hunkered down. So scary and sad to see folks lose their homes/belongings. Harvey was bad enough as well as the fires out west. Certainly makes you appreciate what we have!