Tuesday, September 05, 2017

Off To The Doc

The company is all gone and it is time for laundry. I have a doctors appointment today that will take most of the day to get there and back. I am still making 12"quilts for myself, my daughter and my sister. It seems to be never ending.  I have created a monster.


I even used small scraps from a cut up quilt and dressed the short wall between my design walls and the ceiling.


Here is the birthday boy with the grand gals.


Violet made grandpa a 'sleeve' for his birthday.  Pretty clever.

She also made her first quilt.  I wanted to use it as a 12 incher but she wanted to take it home.  She started first grade today and gets to go to school with a cast because she broke her arm.  Good timing.

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Robbie said...

You are obsessed with the 12"ers but it's a good thing! I do love, love seeing my blocks...another great idea from my idol!! :)