Friday, September 08, 2017

Travel Plans Suspended

I was supposed to be on my way to Florida right now; unfortunately Irma has changed many a plan. I have had my doctor and dentist appointments changed because it appears that every office is closing down for the hurricane and/or it's effects. I have done all I can to prepare for leaving but now I have given next Friday as my leaving date. Hopefully, by then the rain will have stopped and cleanup begun. I still have my fingers crossed that nothing will effect my neighborhood. We have already had the effects of Charlie and Thelma on homes we have lived in in Florida. I was hoping to never gaze on the blue tarps on homes as I pass by.

I am changing from Enbrel to Humira. It entails more blood work and tb tests and other stuff. I have so much blood drawn that I may suggest a port in the future to make it easier on me.

Now, I will have to change my whole mindset to stay for another week. That means food stuffs in the refrigerator, a project or two, and unpacking some stuff. I think I want to go back to bed!!!!


These seven 12 inchers are the center of the last soffit unadorned in the studio.  I need to complete seven more to be FINISHED.  Here are a couple

closeups of two of these mini quilts.

The inspiration for this one was a tea towel in the HGTV magazine my sis in law had here last weekend.

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