Sunday, September 17, 2017

The Sunshine State

We arrived safe and sound in lovely Florida without much difficulty.  What I noticed in the trip, looking for influences of Irma, was that there were very few.  Only one small five block area south of Gainesville on Interstate 75 had all the vinyl billboards were ripped up.  They must have had punched out air holes in them because all the billboards had half moon's cut into them.  There were lots and lots of military convoys traveling north.  I am talking easily 100 convoy trucks holding at least 20 camo clothed military.  There were also lots of cars going south with gas cans strapped on the back of the cars and on the roof .  I only encountered one gas station,  BP, with no gas, but then my car is so big that I only have to fill up the tank, less than two full tanks the whole trip, that is, leaving my driveway with a full tank.  There were lots of disaster trucks, landscaping trucks and home improvement vehicles than I ever saw before on my journey.

At a rare visit to McDonalds, for a mini big mac, there was a sign covering the whole menu board, going through the drive up, that was covered with a sign saying because of the hurricane, the menu was limited to quarter pounders, nuggets, fries, and beverages in a can or in a bottle, as in water and sweet tea.  No baby mac for me so I went for a small fry and called it a day.  I pulled over and got out one bottle, out of two dozen in my trunk, of Stewarts Orange Cream Soda.  I was okay but I still have the mac on my mind.  It's difficult to be me.

I am happy to be here but there was a little bump in the 'welcome home'.  I went to put my frozen peaches, pesto and a few other things, in the garage freezer and realized very quickly that it had no power and everything in the freezer was disgusting.   After 12 hours in the car, I wasn't a happy camper.  Plus the golf cart was parked directly in front of the freezer door and it too did not have power.  G said that it's easy to push without power but I tried and tried and that thing would not move.  I cleaned out what I could and called it a day.  I didn't even attempt to unload the car.  I put up my feet, along with Bella, and called it a day.

It took me a trip to the store for milk for coffee and three more hours to unload the car.  I travel pretty heavy.  Oh well, it's done!!!

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Robbie said...

Did you lose power in rest of house?? Hate to lose all my food in frig when power out...what a waste!