Thursday, September 21, 2017

What A Cluck!

I have had a rude awakening and it has to do with money. I am surprised I even have any to spend. I went to the store yesterday to get some groceries. I went to Publix like I always do. I took a cooler in the car because it is 90+ยบ and I had to pick up Bella from doggie day care. I finish my shopping and put the chicken breasts in the cooler. I am making lunch with it for my stitch and bitch group on Friday.

Guess what?  I got all the groceries out of the car but forgot the chicken

and it spent all night in the cooler.  Drat!  I decide to put it in the refrigerator until garbage day on Friday and just happened to see the price.  There are actually two packages, one on top of another (which has nothing to do with anything!)

I had to go to Walmart anyway so I thought I would get some new chicken.  Because I had just seen the price on the Publix packaging, when I saw the chicken at Walmart I thought it must be a typo.


It said $9.37 for one package that contained the same amount that Publix's two packages.  I asked an attendant at the meat counter if this was old or a misprint.  Nope, that is what fresh chicken cost there.

That is $1.99 at Wally's and $4.89 a pound at Publix.  That's a major amount of difference.  That's like paying $10 one place and $25 for the same thing somewhere else.  I need to start to pay attention to prices.  My sister will be proud.


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