Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Our Little Bundle Of Joy

We have had a long day with our dear Bella.  She hasn't been herself lately and yesterday decided not to eat.  She did her exercise yesterday and today but not with so much euphoria.  She had been chewing on her thigh and she woke up with it bloody.  I made an appointment at the vet and after seeing the doctor, $277 worth and three prescriptions later, she told me that Bella had a hot spot and it can come out of nowhere.


They shaved that area and explained the meds and put on the hated Elizabethan collar.  The movement of a normal dog stopped immediately.  First off, the collar was way to big for her.

It took her and I a good half hour to get out of the vet clinic because she was bumping into everything, walls, floors, legs and when she bumped, she stopped walking and just stared.  I took her home and sent G to Petsmart to get provisions.

He's got lots of things and we settled on a blow up collar that suspiciously reminded us of what G does in his recliner each night with his traveling pillow collar on.  She changed into a new less traumatized dog.  Her meds require food before taking twice a day.  She is a dog that has no regular food eating time; we just leave her food for her to decide when she wants it.  So, G got Caesar wet food and Bella is a very happy for a down in the dumps dog!!


Robbie said...

Poor baby! Bella too! HA...seriously, I feel bad for Bella...it's so hard to see our girls (or boys) ill and they can't tell us how bad they feel. But she's in good hands. I had one of those hard collars and I just cut it way back...and decorated it! HA

maggie z. said...

aww, poor little bella...huck..my golden ret. used to get them all the time...he HATED the lampshade! but it kept him from chewing on an already sore spot! she'll be fine in a few days...