Monday, October 09, 2017


Having the need to stop the 12 inch quilt production, I decided to try my hand at the long arm machine after a very long time away from any that wasn't pre programmed via the computer. I have my friend Linda, mastering the long arm, and I now have to ask her for help!


This fabric came of the front of the curtains that covered my fabric, both commercial and hand dyed, so that the sun would not be able to do so much damage. That was in the old house and here in the new house I had a room built off the studio filled with shelves with no windows and with the lights off when not in use.


I have never done this quilting style before.  It is called clam shell but I think it looks more like petals.  A few times I got trapped and had to restart in another place to continue.  I am gonna do it until I master it.   I am using variegated thread and it works well with all the various block colors.

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Gayle from MI said...

It looks awesome! Free motion quilting is a great skill to have for sure. I never really mastered it on the long arm. No stitch regulator though...