Thursday, January 18, 2018

Up And At'mmm

I am leaving the house today for a luncheon that I really must attend.  I feel fine yet a little out of sorts from not doing a thing for days!  I don't have my strength back yet but that will just take time.

Tomorrow we (four other gals in my stitch and bitch group, otherwise known as The Quilt Cult) head for Orlando, which is two hours away, to attend the World Quilt Show.  Four of us have quilts in the show, and two of us have never entered a show other than the local quilt guild show.  I believe most of the submitted quilts, or at least five of them, are based on the flower we all worked on last year.  It should be tons of fun.  I'll take pictures.

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Robbie said...

I'm lucky I drive under the 2 hour limit to see my sister in the winter...otherwise, I would head to Orlando to see the show...but getting old I'm worse about leaving home and driving so far...don't mind driving...just don't want 2 hour drives one way then walking all about..yada, yada...yea, I am an old lady! So there!